Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Learn What's New at US Conference on AIDS!

Come see us at
US Conference on AIDS!

New Choices, New Prevention Products

Come Learn What's New!
USCA Exhibit # 514 & 516
  Chicago, November 10 -12, 2011

USCA Press Reports:
2011 USCA Theme
This year's conference theme is "Make Change Real: Unite. Speak. Act."  It is meant to express the crossroads in which our movement finds itself.  The implementation of policies like the Affordable Care Act and the National HIV/AIDS Strategy have put us on a path to increase access to care, reduce infections and mitigate health disparities.   At the same time, new biomedical interventions such as treatment as prevention and pre-exposure prophylaxis offer powerful new prevention tools.  But the difficult fiscal climate has put pressure on Washington and state legislators to reduce spending, threatening to undermine this progress.

2011 USCA Target Populations: Gay Men
The target population of the 2011 USCA is gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM). The need to address the impact of HIV/AIDS on gay men -- and particularly gay men of color -- has never been greater. New estimates released by the CDC highlight the continued disproportionate impact HIV has had on this population.  The three segments of the U.S. population with the highest number of infections in 2009 were White, African American and Latino gay men respectively.  This was the first year that infections among Latino gay men outpaced African American women.  Perhaps most alarming, between 2006 and 2009, infections among young black gay men spiked 43 percent.

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