Monday, June 17, 2013

Check out the new Okamoto 004 - They are super thin!

The Okamoto 004 ZERO ZERO FOUR condom is boxed with a label that says 'ALMOST NOTHING'. We are here to tell you they tell the truth. This is one sensitive condom!

This is the latest of a trend in the US market, where the top selling condoms are often marketed as sensitive and super thin. This one is! Check these out. Thin means SENSITIVE, and the 004 definitely is a sensitive condom!

These are made in Japan with Sheerlon® latex material that’s thinner than almost any other condom on the market. This Ultra-Thin Technology provides the ultimate sensation.  

The typical condom is more like .0065 - .007, and some other sensitive condoms are in the .005 to .0065 range. So a .004 thickness condom is REALLY thin. 

Okamoto does not make these available in bulk cases, so we only have them in 3ct, 10ct, and 24ct. This is a good choice for public health buyers looking for something different to get that

 Beyond Seven Okamoto .004 Thin Condoms 3ct box

These are registered with a 510k from the US FDA and as safe as any other Okamoto sold here in the US. Okamoto is known for high quality, and this condom is definitely high quality.

Okamoto does make other thinner condoms, such as the .003 and .002 in Japan. However these are not registered with the FDA to be sold in the US, so Okamoto does not import them. If you find them on the Internet, be careful! They are not legally sold here in the US and have not passed thought FDA! So be sure you are choosing the 004 ZERO ZERO FOUR. These are imported properly.

 Okamoto Condoms Review by Total Access Group
If you like a condom that you feel ALMOST NOTHING, try this one out!