Monday, May 27, 2013

ID Condoms, NEW from the makers of ID Lubricants

They are a hit!
ID Condoms!
 New From the Makers of
ID Lubricants!
Introductory price
for public health agencies!
Reg. $77
Now only $65!
per case /1000
  • Strong yet sensitive
  • Vibrant foil
  • Natural clear latex condom
  • Designed to enhance your intimate experience while keeping you safe.
  • The same focus on quality you have come to expect from the makers of ID Personal Lubricants.
have been introduced to answer the recent challenges to
public health agencies finding
high quality condoms with great pricing!
Over the last 20 years ID Lubricants has consistently supported the efforts of non-profit and public health agencies.
ID contributes to your mission by providing high quality, a wide variety, and best pricing.
  • No one offers higher quality personal lubricants to public health agencies in the US.  No one.
  • ID Lubricants sets the standard for lubricant variety and package sizes for public health, offering more choices than any other lubricant.
  • Leading the way in pricing, ID Lubricants offers high value and deeply discounted prices to all non-profit and government agencies.
  • ID Condoms are the latest effort to make high quality condoms available to public health at discounted pricing.
Lubricated, Sensitive, Strong.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Lifestyles Condoms highlights wild stunt by condom inventor

For over 20 years Lifestyles Condoms have been the most widely used condom brand used in public health and prevention efforts. Total Access Group is the largest distributor of Lifestyles Condoms serving U.S. public health agencies. We have years of experience listening directly to prevention agencies, and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive about the Lifestyles Condom brand. It looks to us like more than ever agencies are making Lifestyles part of their condom distribution! Join them!


Want to show your peers how much you know about condoms? 

Take a look at the article Lifestyles posted in their Sexual Health Articles.

Lifestyles uses this event to highlight some little know factoids about where condoms started! The following is quoted form thier post::

"The inventor of the latex condom, Julius Fromm, would have been 128 years old on March 4 this year. To celebrate his legacy, a group from Fromm's home town of Konin, Poland, placed an over-sized condom over a phallic statue in the town, according to United Press International.

"Not many know that right here in Konin, the inventor of the latex condom was brought into the world," said Waldemar Duczmal, a member of the Action Konin group, which completed the stunt. "We discovered him a year ago and tried to bring him to the attention of the town."

However, it appears as though the group's previous efforts to memorialize the safe-sex inventor and advocate went unnoticed. This year's stunt was intended to draw more attention to Fromm among the townspeople living in his native area.

According to Spiegel Online, Fromm patented his ultra-thin version of the condom in 1916, and began to mass-produce the contraceptive soon after World War I.

The "condom" used in the public stunt was actually a large plastic bag featuring the inventor's name. It fit over the human-sized statue, which many in the town of Konin refer to as "the penis" because of its shape, according to the news source."

Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Condom Dispenser Supports Prevention!

NEW! Exclusively at Total Access Group!

Condom Dispensers
Education & Prevention
Rolled Into One!

AIDS service organizations, health departments, and colleges across the country are using these low cost, high impact dispensers to distribute free condoms in bars, restaurants, retail locations, clinics, and on college campuses!
  • We offer a Custom Label option! Flat clear face allows for a prevention message, how-to-get tested information, your logo, website, phone, QR code, or other message.
  • Easily filled through a locking hinged lid.
  • Easily wall mounted.
  • Small dispensing opening at the bottom allows patrons to pull one or two condoms at a time to discourage people from grabbing handfuls.

About These Unique Dispensers
Condom dispensers make condoms available in a low maintenance, professional and controlled manner. The unique design was created with education in mind. Developed and perfected over an 8-year period by the Capital City AIDS Fund, a globally recognized non-profit organization.  The small dispenser holds approximately 200 condoms and the large dispenser holds about 800 condoms.
  • Available in two sizes
  • Easily filled
  • Dispense one or two condoms at a time
  • Durable. Made of high-impact poly thermoplastic, which is 17 times stronger than glass.
  • Used by thousands of organizations around the globe
  • Priced right for non-profits, government agencies and schools.