Monday, January 26, 2015

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

As some of you my know, National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is coming up on February 7th.
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Here are some fun facts about the increase in HIV testing in the African-American community we found courtesy of the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

Don't forget to get tested!

Increase HIV Testing (Ever): Blacks/African Americans
2015 national goal: Increase by 4% the percentage of blacks/African Americans ever tested for HIV
In 2011
• Nationally, the percentage was higher among blacks/African Americans (66.2%) than whites (38.1%).
• Fifteen states and the District of Columbia had met the nation’s 2015 goal (68.8%).
• In 29 states, the percentage among blacks/African Americans was below the national percentage for blacks/African Americans

Increasing HIV testing among racial/ethnic groups with a higher burden of HIV is an important strategy for improving health and 
reducing HIV transmission in these groups. Although blacks/African Americans represent about 12% of the US population, more new HIV infections occur among blacks/African Americans than any other racial/ethnic group. Increasing the percentage of blacks/African Americans ever tested for HIV will require that more health care providers implement the recommendation of both the US Preventive Services Task Force and CDC for routine HIV screening for adolescents and adults and for at least annual HIV testing of persons likely to be at high risk of HIV. In addition, culturally competent community-based HIV testing programs that reach blacks/African Americans will continue to play an important role.