Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Introducing Two New ID Lubricants!

Silicone and Water Blend

Natural Feel

10ml Pillow
  • Natural Feel
  • Latex Compatible
  • Water Blend with Silicone
  • Enhances Masturbation
  • Non-Staining
Enjoy the ease of a water based lube with the slickness of a silicone lube with ID Silk! Slippery and smooth, non-tacky and long lasting, ID Silk effectively blends the best qualities of both lubricants. Easy to clean after use, ID Silk leaves skin feeling supple and smooth. Non-staining and latex safe, ID Silk is excellent for massage, too!

Concentrated Silicone

Extra Thick!

8ml Long Neck
Applicator Tube
6ml Pillow
  • Made Especially for Anal Penetration
  • Latex Compatible
  • Silicone-Based
  • Thick and Cushiony Texture
BackSlide® is one of ID’s® most creative formulas because it was made with a specific use in mind. We’ve spent two years developing BackSlide® to create this uniquely blended formula to make every anal experience more comfortable and pleasurable.

ID® BackSlide’s® special silicone-based formula includes clove extract and spilanthes extract, which provides a natural, muscle relaxing effect. BackSlide® appeals to all genders and the thick, cushiony texture and feel are unlike any other anal lubricant on the market.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Condom Designs!    Check out PROPER ATTIRE Condoms

'Required for Entry'
Designed with Stylish Women in Mind 
by Planned Parenthood of America & Acclaimed Fashion Designers

Available to Colleges and Universities only.
Each Collection has been designed by
Well-known Fashion Designers!










Single Designer
$117.00 per case/1000

  $127.00 per case/1000

Available to all
prevention agencies!

Color, Dots, Sheer or Basic
$108.00 per case/1000

XL or Taste
$112.00 per case/1000

Single Type per box
see above prices

$120.00 per case/1000