Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Story Behind Okamoto

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The Story Behind Okamoto

Okamoto Condoms are #1 for a Reason!

In the United States there are brands that everyone is familiar with. Why is that?
Great Feel? Trustworthy? Reliability? Market share? Brand marketing?
The true answer is a combination of all of these.
One thing for sure is when you try a condom and don't like it you NEVER go back. However, if you like it, you ALWAYS go back to it.

The fact that Okamoto is the #1 Top Selling Brand in Japan means they have HUGE consumer satisfaction. While they may not be as well known here in the US as some other brands, their #1 position in Japan is proof they are great choice!

 This Japanese Company has dedicated itself to insure the highest standard of
QUALITY for all of its products.

Okamoto has been innovating for nearly 80 years,
producing the world's THINNEST, SOFTEST and SAFEST condoms.

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  • Aqua tinted latex appears clear when donned
  • Strong and durable, yet sensitive
Reg. $79.00 1008/case

NOW $74.00
SAVE $5.00

  • Lightly lubricated, lightly tinted blue latex
  • Studded texture helps increase the sensation for both partners
Reg. $82.00 1008/case

NOW $74.00
SAVE $8.00

  • Made with four times more lubricant than other condoms
  • Aloe helps prevent irritation and pain,  and helps retain moisture
Reg. $135.00 1008/case

NOW $120.00
SAVE $15.00

  • One of the best rated condoms used in the public health industry
  • Super thin with a coral tint, appears clear when donned
Reg. $73.00 1008/case

NOW $66.00
SAVE $7.00

  • A variety of colors including blue, red/pink, yellow, and green
  • One of the thinnest assorted color condoms on the market
Reg. $74.00 1008/case

NOW $69.00
SAVE $5.00

.004 are made of high-tech latex called Sheerlon® and are thinner than all other comparable product in the market! The fact is, when you’re wearing almost nothing, you’re going to feel everything!
Find out more about the .004 


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