Thursday, June 27, 2013

Most of America is choosing a sensitive or stimulating condom!

The best condom is the one that your target population will use! If consumers are choosing something in retail, it is what they like, and will use. The most important feature of a condom is not the look of the foil, it is how the condom feels. Will they want to use it again?

Most of America's top selling retail skus are either sensitive or stimulating. In the 26 weeks ending in April the top selling retail condom was the Trojan BareSkin, a thin and sensitive condom. There is a rumor this condom is actually made by Okamoto and this is the same condom as the Okamoto .004 Zero Zero Four. For public health buyers, the problem is neither of these are available in bulk.

A really good alternative is the Kimono MicroThin. These are in the same thinness range, have a long 20 year track record of quality, and fits right into what people want! 
Kimono® MicroThin® Condom
Best seller, best rated, and thinnest condom ever!
5X Tested, Stronger, Reliable
- Best rated condom for thinness
- Made with premium natural latex
- Paraben and glycerin free
- Low latex condom smell
- Vegan friendly, no milk/animal protein
- Kimono condoms exceed US & International Standards for strength and reliability
- Top rated condom for thinness by Men's Health and Men's Journal

Kimono MicroThin condom is consistently rated the best thin condom in condom reviews, and the favorite thin condom among users. The combination of Japanese engineering, premium natural latex, and a proprietary formula allows Kimono to create a very thin condom that ranks among the thinnest condoms available today. Kimono MicroThin condoms are 5X tested, and not only meet, but exceed US and International Standards for strength and reliability. Smooth latex, sheer thinness, and strength!

For public health buyers, available in bulk cases of 1000, 144, and also 3ct, 12ct, and 24ct

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thin is in!

The best condom
is the one your target
population will use!

Retail reports indicate

Consumers are choosing
thin and sensitive,
is a top seller!

June FLASH Sale!
for public health buyers
Call or log-in for price!

Ends June 28th!

In public health free condom distribution, you want them to pick up the condom. As a result some brands with fancy foils are popular in public health. However the more important feature of a condom is not the foil, it is how the condom feels. Did it enhance the experience so they are motivated to use a condom again next time?

Lifestyles Ultra-Sensitive Condoms are:
  • the most widely distributed thin condom in public health.
  • among the top selling condoms in retail

Monday, June 17, 2013

Check out the new Okamoto 004 - They are super thin!

The Okamoto 004 ZERO ZERO FOUR condom is boxed with a label that says 'ALMOST NOTHING'. We are here to tell you they tell the truth. This is one sensitive condom!

This is the latest of a trend in the US market, where the top selling condoms are often marketed as sensitive and super thin. This one is! Check these out. Thin means SENSITIVE, and the 004 definitely is a sensitive condom!

These are made in Japan with Sheerlon® latex material that’s thinner than almost any other condom on the market. This Ultra-Thin Technology provides the ultimate sensation.  

The typical condom is more like .0065 - .007, and some other sensitive condoms are in the .005 to .0065 range. So a .004 thickness condom is REALLY thin. 

Okamoto does not make these available in bulk cases, so we only have them in 3ct, 10ct, and 24ct. This is a good choice for public health buyers looking for something different to get that

 Beyond Seven Okamoto .004 Thin Condoms 3ct box

These are registered with a 510k from the US FDA and as safe as any other Okamoto sold here in the US. Okamoto is known for high quality, and this condom is definitely high quality.

Okamoto does make other thinner condoms, such as the .003 and .002 in Japan. However these are not registered with the FDA to be sold in the US, so Okamoto does not import them. If you find them on the Internet, be careful! They are not legally sold here in the US and have not passed thought FDA! So be sure you are choosing the 004 ZERO ZERO FOUR. These are imported properly.

 Okamoto Condoms Review by Total Access Group
If you like a condom that you feel ALMOST NOTHING, try this one out!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

When you talk to us, WE LISTEN!

When we do Customer Surveys, there is one message that ALWAYS comes back to us. 
Discounts, best pricing and saving money are important!


In JUNE we have a lot of items discounted for public health buyers of condoms and personal lubricants. 

We are always focused on offering best pricing, broad selection, and best service. If you need something, find better pricing elsewhere, or want to give us guidance on what you think we should put on special, then call us! We match pricing and pride ourselves on providing you with exceptional, personal service at the same time.

800-320-3716 (direct 714-259-9200)
Total Access Group wants to hear from you!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

LifeStyles Ultra Lubricated condom now discounted for JUNE!

The most widely used condom in public health!
  • LifeStyles Condoms are the #1 choice of public health in the U.S.
  • LifeStyles is the most recognizable and trusted brand used by prevention and education organizations in the U.S.
  • Ansell Healthcare, the manufacturer of LifeStyles, is the second largest condom manufacturer in the world.
  Save $5 per case!
  Now $88
Reg $93
(Pricing for Public Health Buyers only)