Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Study credits D.C. female condom program with reducing HIV and associated costs - Washington Post Reports

The Washington Post reported "A District program that distributes free female condoms in areas of the city with high HIV rates prevented enough infections in its first year to save more than $8 million in future medical costs over and above the cost of the program, according to a study... conducted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health."

We are excited to see this announcement because it fully validates that the Female Condom pays for itself in health care cost savings. It also is one more study documenting that effective prevention is cost efficient!

The Female Condom use in Washington DC was studied and showed "For every dollar spent on the program, there was a cost savings of nearly $20, according to the study, which appears in the current issue of the journal AIDS and Behavior." Read the complete article at the Washington Post here...

The sheer economics of this benefit makes it look like a program to implement in every community in the US! 
The Female Health Company has been working on expanding it's education and announced last week the Launch of it's FC2 Female Condom Online Program!

"The online training program has been proven to be an effective tool throughout a pre-launch trial period during which more than 300 participants were successfully trained. The online training program is intended to give "frontline" health care service providers immediate access to FC2 Female Condom training. The training course consists of five modules, which employ various effective training activities derived from the Company's years of educational training. 

To access the FC2 Online Training Program and/or to learn more, please visit: www.fc2training.com . "